TU Asks for Montana Drilling Setbacks

Apparently residents of the Montana valley where the movie “The Horse Whisperer” was filmed aren’t the only ones who think that setting up drilling equipment on the banks of the Boulder River is a bad idea. Trout Unlimited just stepped up to the plate and asked the state to reconsider the lack of restrictions in recently auctioned oil and gas leases. “The conservation group is pushing for half-mile setbacks on the best trout streams in the BLM’s Billings region, which includes a big chunk of the Yellowstone and Stillwater rivers and a small portion of the Boulder River north of Big Timber.” Daniel Person in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

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  • Jay

    Watch out for this egregious pollution. Allowing energy markets and their America’s-Most-Wanted, Chamber-of-Commerce developers determine the health of our environment and its trout streams is asking the fox to guard the hen house, or Tricky Dick Cheney to teach gun-safety classes.
    Fortunately, MT now has many intelligent, environmentally-aware residents… it wasn’t always this way.
    We must protect MT or Big Business will destroy it.
    Can you say, “W.R. Grace?”