C'Mon, Tiger

Every year about this time I seem to have the same conversation with the same intelligent people about what can be done to boost participation in fly fishing. Well Shane Bacon lays out what would undoubtedly be the best possible media event fly fishing could hope for: Tiger Woods (an avid fly fisher) lending a bit of his gravitas and magnetism to a TV fly-fishing special. “The guy could do a fly-fishing special and 20 million people would be glued to their TVs. (And, that special would probably be in high definition, as opposed to the British [Open] in two weeks).”

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  • i question the notion that fly fishing participation needs “boosting.”
    i question even more that a “media event” is the way to do that.
    it is true that hannibal was able to terrify the roman empire by crossing the mountains with some african elephants. but does that mean someone wanting to effect italian foreign policy today should do the same thing?
    it seems to me that the big issue today is dwindling youth participation, which is universal across the entire hook-n-bullet scene. and i think we all know the big competing interest there is indoor activities from video games to indoor/urban fitness activities. it also seems to me to follow quite naturally that giving today’s youth yet another option to watch nature on the tube/screen is probably not going to help address the problem.
    the only logical solution to me…if one accepts that growth in the younger demographic is good (and i do)…is to take kids fishing!

  • John Brown

    The last thing I’d like to see is a flood of people entering already stressed waters. Or better yet..a bunch of people standing on the rivers edge in silence, bursting into applause every time someone landed a fish!
    Also, I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but fly fishing isn’t necessarily something you can just pick up on the “fly” (no pun intended). Maybe fly fishing could get more exposure if we all weren’t so protective of our secret stretches of water and fly’s to slay it with?
    I doubt that I’d love the sport so much if my brother hadn’t given me all of the knowledge and experience that he had acquired over the years without reservation. Maybe we all need to take someone under our wing and show them the ropes, so we don’t get a bunch of golfers ruining our waters?
    Verdict…Tiger Wood’s fishing on national television = GIANT FAIL.

  • tailingpermit

    The problem with fly fishing is the older generation, where’s the young blood in the articles or t v shows. The truth is that the old guard is too busy enjoying the life, unwilling to spread out what’s needed to catch the attention of the next generation. We’re working on a plan to bypass the old and moldy, if it works maybe then fly fishing can move in a new direction.