Favorite Flies: The Green Rock Worm

Morgan Lyle describes one of his late favorites, the green rock worm — an imitation of the larval stage of the Ryacophila caddis fly — as a wonderfully simple tie that seems to work almost everywhere. “Even to a trout that has never seen a real Ryacophila, this little bug must look like something good to eat. In fact, a little pile of them on my kitchen counter, next to the coffee maker, completely grossed out my wife. That’s one mark of a killer fly.” In the Schenectady, New York Daily Gazette.

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  • Morgan

    Apologies for this typo: It’s Antron yarn, naturally, not Antron wool.

  • “Czech nymphing is simply a new take on old things — the “high-stick” style of fishing ”
    Don’t think so – Czech nymphing actually started in Poland and has been around since the 1930’s. If done properly it bears little in common with ‘High-Sticking’ – Czech nymphing has the rod tip close to the water to ‘lead’ the flies, and is only lifted towards the end of the drift.