Bozeman: "Give Us Your Facebook Passwords"

Just when you thought that we were begin flung helplessly into a future run by technocrats…. In what could only be described as a sure way to limit the candidate pool, Bozeman, Montana city officials are asking city job applicants for their private logins and passwords to social networking sites. “The city argues that it only uses the information to verify application information — and says it won’t hold it against anyone for refusing to provide it. City officials say such checks can be useful, especially when hiring police officers and others in a position of public trust.” Dan Frommer in the Silicon Valley Insider.
Maybe they just want to see who’s giving away all the secret fishing spots.

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  • Don’t the officials in Montana have anything better to do – like replacing all those old, worn out gas lines and other faulty infrastructure that keeps blowing up, burning down, and collapsing?