Apache Trout

Ed Weber and Gary Giudice are fishing their way “up the spine of the Rocky Mountains following mayfly hatches.” They start in Arizona’s White Mountains, where they find that the hardest thing about catching Apache trout is getting to where they live. “We were fishing just a few miles from Fort Apache in the White Mountain Apache Reservation on Log Creek where Ed made his first cast. He read the water well. Very few bugs on the water, the odd small caddis was about it. He chose a small caddis emerger and starting rising fish almost immediately.” On ESPN.com.

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  • when fishing the small trout streams of the southwest…and they’re ALL small…they are right on. the trout are HARD to access and EASY to catch. makes perfect sense: fish that don’t get fished to are usually easy to catch. and fish that are hard to get to don’t get fished to very often.
    but if you don’t enjoy serious hiking, backpacking, and camping in the desert (almost as much as the fishing); you will soon abandon this pursuit. people die in the mountains in the desert southwest all the time. it’s rough, unforgiving country where a sprained ankle or a wrong turn at a trail crossing can become life-threatening even to an experienced outdoorsman. that’s the definition of “hard to get to” out here. it’s a grand adventure if you’re up to it! and the reward is eager wild fish in lonely, remote places that few have seen. and some of the fish are quite rare: apache and gila trout, guadalupe bass, rio grande cutthroat trout, etc.
    this past weekend, i got into a risky situation in the process, but i got a good look at a couple of pure gila trout in their native range that had to measure 24″ or more! a typical gila trout measures 6-10″. but i had been told of these fish by usfws personnel in the area, and i know the sorts of places large trout live. so i sat up surveillance on a few such spots and it paid off at the most promising of them! the best part: they’re pretty easily observable when they move, but virtually impossible to fish to at that location. and it’s a big enough spot with everything they need to stay put.