Bass On the Fly: Another "Good Walk Spoiled"

“As with that ‘good walk spoiled’ sport [golf], you use your hands, forearms, biceps and back to really cast / drive far, but with close-range bass-fly action near lily pads it’s a short cast (like a putt) that will turn the trick. If possible, you want that fly to plop on a lily pad, so that you can gently ease it off, and twitch it above the imagined bass.” Steve Hickoff gives an excellent description of what fly fishing for bass is really all about on

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  • Jack

    Nice. I live in Texas and this is the fly fishing we have here. It’s not second-best to anything. Just this morning I took the tube out to a pretty little local pond and caught a 4-lb largemouth on a popper right after dawn. Let me tell you, that NEVER gets old.

  • Michael R. Earle

    I was asked to fish with my father in-law last Saturday evening. We went to a pond here in Maine that I had not been to before. I landed 13 Large mouth before the sun set. Every one of them on a chartreuse and white deceiver 2 – 3 inches below the surface. Unfortunately I was the only one to catch fish. But it was a good night to spend with him.

  • casey

    i caught 3 bass 3+ lbs. on a dahlberg diver srtipping through weeds in about 90 minutes. i dont care what you say, a bass on a fly is awesome fun.