Jim Birkholm Dies

Jim Birklholm, also known as Jim “Castwell” on the Fly Anglers Online Web site, died Tuesday while on a fishing trip to Crooked Island in the Bahamas. According to a post on the FAO bulletin board, Birkholm “complained of severe stomach pains on the flight into Crooked Island, was taken to the clinic on the Island and died at the clinic while waiting for a charter flight to take him back to the Nassau Island hospital.” More information can be found on the FAO Web site. (Thanks to Zach Matthews for this story.)

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  • It’s probably worth noting, additionally, that Fly Anglers Online is one of the longest-running fly fishing websites, and was one of the first sites devoted to our sport to be accessible on the web. Many writers got their start writing columns for FAOL, and the FAOL bulletin board has long been one of the internet’s largest. James and Deanna Birkholm started from scratch and built a landmark.
    My sympathies especially go out to Deanna for having to deal with this tragedy far from home.