RIO "Targets the Alternative" With New Carp Line

A new $69.95 fly line from RIO Products features a medium-length front taper, multifilament core, and dirt-repelling, XS Technology coating — all designed to please the growing number of fly fishers who chase finicky carp. The line is available in a subtle camo olive color for stealthy presentations and comes in WF5F to WF8F sizes.
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RIO Products introduces a new fly line specifically designed for the carp fly fisher.
IDAHO FALLS, April 1st, 2009 – RIO continues to be at the very forefront of line design and product innovation. The new carp line from RIO is a graphic example of RIO’s commitment to anglers who target “alternative” species with a fly rod.
The new carp fly line features a profile that is designed for the ultimate performance when carp fishing – whether stalking carp on the flats in the Great Lakes, fishing a slow river in the West, or fishing out of a boat on a windy day on lakes and reservoirs. The medium length front taper will present a small nymph gently to avoid spooking a wary carp; yet will cast large crayfish patterns with ease. The carp line is designed to load a fly rod at close range and the medium length head and back taper stabilizes the fly line when casting at long distance.
The carp line features RIO’s dirt-repelling, XS Technology coating that will keep the line ultra slick for fast, long casts in the muddiest of carp waters, and with the supple braided multifilament core, the line has no memory and will not coil or tangle.
The carp line is available in a subtle camo olive color that will not to spook wary carp in shallow water. It is manufactured in WF5F to WF8F sizes and is available from all authorized RIO dealers. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $69.95.
For more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, or Zack Dalton, at RIO Products Intl., Inc. or check out the RIO Products web site at:

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  • Helping to Introduce flats fishing in the Southeast for carp to hundreds of anglers, I learned alot thru trial and error. Presentation is critical for successful carp fishing and the Rio carp line performs perfectly. Turns over small and larger flies alike when using long leaders. Carp are tuned into their surroundings and any advantage is helpful and the fly line is a great place to start. Loads the rod quick for long or short casting with minimal false casts. Great to see the attention to this worthy opponent that will certainly get you ready for reds or bones in your backyard. Capt.Paul Rose,