Montana Access Bill To Be Signed April 13

The first Montana stream access bill in 24 years will be signed by Governor Schweitzer at noon on Monday, April 13, in Riverfront Park in Billings, according to our sources. This is a significant piece of legislation, if not for resolving every detail of angler rights, then at least for preventing private landowners from arbitrarily blocking access to streams and rivers based on reinterpretation of county and state right-of-ways.
As we noted last month, Montana House Bill 190 faced fierce opposition from private landowners and their attorneys, but was passed virtually unanimously by Montana legislators.

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  • Steven Tiede

    Montana is such a progressive state. I think passing this legislation is a good idea for Montanans and out of stators like myself. (California & Wyoming) This is good for Montana tourism. Just because you have all the money in the world, and can buy up all the land,should deny access to fisherman and the enjoyment of the outdoors. If you think about it no one owns the earth just because you have something written on a piece of paper. When you die that land is still going to be there for the next generation to enjoy. As long as others enjoy and respect this land it should be accessible. Steven Tiede