Popular Mechanics On "The Best Trout Gear"

It might seem a little like asking the staff at Martha Stewart Living to come up with recommendations on riding lawnmowers, but the PM crew did a fine job of picking fly fishing gear in their April 2009 issue. The only thing we’re not sure about is the notion that some fly lines begin to sink after only a day or two of use. Here’s their choice for waders: “Simms Freestone | $200 — While you don’t need to buy the most expensive waders on the shelf, be wary of the cheapest — we’ve seen waders leak after a single outing. This pair is made from a lightweight and durable synthetic and costs hundreds less than models with the same level of performance.”

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  • Steven Jarvis

    As the Trout Underground commented a day or two ago: a $150 St. Croix Imperial rod with a $325 Sage reel on it? I wonder if there’s a Sage ad in that edition of PM. The other choices are fine, but there are plenty of decent reels out there for WAY less than $325 (esp. if you’re pairing it with that particular rod).

  • Phil Monahan

    $930 to get started? And that’s before you’ve bought flies, floatant, strike indicators, and so forth. (Not to mention polarized sunglasses.) I don’t think PM is doing the fly-fishing industry any favors by suggesting that you can’t get on the water for under a Grand–especially in these days of economic insecurity.
    This article will sell more Ugly Stiks than fly rods.

  • Marshall Cutchin

    Given the point that the reel makes up one-third of the total cost, and in some situations is just a fancy line holder, it’s the obvious question mark. As one major reel manufacturer said to me last year, “You know, you can catch these fish on just about anything.” Then again, that wouldn’t explain why folks by the pricey stuff in a recession.

  • Serge Q

    As i always say when someone ask may about as much he or she should pay for flyfishing rig: look in your wallet by the best you can afford and don’t forget to save some to go fishing.