Liam Neeson: "You Just Don't Know What's Going to Happen"

As virtually everyone knows by now, Natasha Richardson, the wife of actor and fly fisher Liam Neeson, died last Wednesday as the result of a head injury caused by a ski-lesson fall. Her death shocked the entertainment world and raised awareness of the role helmets can play in preventing injury. The London Times reports this week that his wife’s death has put Neeson’s acting career in limbo.
The best profile of Richardson we’ve read is Richard Corliss’s piece in Time magazine. It includes this commentary by Neeson on the importance of living in the moment: “In 1986 he had been felled by diverticulitis, an intestinal disorder. That experience scarred him. ‘I can’t plan for next Thursday,’ he said. ‘I’ll make a note of it and put a question mark after it. I don’t like to commit, because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s got to do with “the moment is now.”‘”

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  • ken morrow

    this really hit close to home for me.
    in 1992, i fell on ice-crusted snow while hiking across a japanese airbase near the arctic circle in a blizzard and suffered a severe concussion…the last in a series of accident and/or sports-related concussions over a period of 4 years. this left me with a form of closed-head traumatic brain injury that is the basis of my disability.
    i survived through the night and next day without medical care. natasha richardson did not. that afternoon about dinner time, i became incapacitated and then briefly lost consciousness again. and i was taken to the emergency room. and my life has never been anything similar to what it was before. i also suffer from ptsd, and the press coverage of natasha’s accident and death struck me hard. and i have the deepest sympathies and empathy for the richardson family.