Fly Fishing People: G. Edward DeSeve

He’s not exactly a household name yet, but his new job will certainly be front-and-center in 2009. G. Edward DeSeve was just appointed by president Obama to oversee the spending of $787 billion in stimulus funds to revive the U.S economy. “A fly-fishing enthusiast, DeSeve once said he would go ‘anywhere there is a trout in the water.'” Marcia Gelbart in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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  • ed deseve

    Marshall, Thanks for the plug. I also said in the article, “The new job will cut into my time on the stream.” As a life member of TU with a wife who is as avid as I am, you can be sure we will try our best to get on the water. Tight Lines. ED

  • Marshall Cutchin

    Glad to know someone with a healthy perspective will be filling those shoes.

  • Dean Armandroff

    I went to the same graduate school as Ed DeSeve and he is a fine choice for this gov. position. He has the smarts and the experience to greatly help the President. The fact that he is a fly fisherman is just a bonus!

  • tom Kovalicky

    It would be great if he could get President Obama and his girls into taking flycasting lessons on the White House lawn….Then if the family bought midrange rods and reels with all the accessories, that alone would spur economic recovery, just like “A River Runs Through It” did…tomk PS Of course a Potomic River trip for smallmouths and an annual cutt and steelhead fishing trip to Idaho would cinch the deal…..cheers