Explosion Takes Toll on Bozeman, Montana

New York Times writer Jim Robbins describes the gas explosion that rocked downtown Bozeman less than two weeks ago as a painful injury to an already suffering part of the country, where second-home sales have dried up and large real estate developments have been mothballed. “Beyond the obvious destruction, the blast delivered a deep psychic blow to the business district, which was already going through some difficulty because of the declining economy. ‘The explosion has significantly rocked this community,’ said Chris Pope, a commercial real estate agent and the owner of a severely damaged building.” (Thanks to contributor David Dalu for this link.)

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  • john weis

    Unfortunately Bozeman is not alone in the list of cities and states (such as Florida) whose economic fortunes have been tied to selling themselves. It has been an unsustainable practice that this latest mortgage fiasco illuminates like the bright lights into the eyes of a deer. Bozeman already has a strong economic base and should enhance the economy of job and product creation, not the advancement of semi-urban sprawl.