New York Plans to Close Dozens of River Gauges

Gauges that anglers use to determine whether many classic New York fly fishing streams are fishable — and that are key to helping conservationists monitor water flows — may fall victim to budget cuts by the state. “Several stream gauges in the Delaware and Hudson river basins will be closed by New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, officials from the DEP, U.S. Geological Service, Delaware River Basin Commission and Upper Delaware Council tell the Times Herald-Record.” Steve Israel in the Times Herald-Record. (Thanks to Michael Natoli for this link.)

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  • Stream gauges can play an important role in helping monitor water removal by gas well drillers.
    This is especially important in NY where the DEC is seriously understaffed to do on-site monitoring of the hundreds of new wells that are expected over the next few years.
    It’s not clear from the article if the plans include shutting down only the older manual gauges (board and yard-stick type as shown in the photo), or newer digital/real-time monitors as well. The latter have real-time measuring capability and report to a computer via satellite links, from which the data is made available on the internet to anyone who wants/needs it. They are buried in the streambed and require field maintenance of some sort I am sure. It would be a crying shame if the investment in those newer gauges were wasted.