Bill to Protect 86 U.S. Rivers Blocked By Congress

Even though the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 sailed through the Senate on a 73-21 vote, it failed by two votes to get through Congress this week. Bill S. 22 would have protected over 350,000 acres along 1,100 miles of rivers in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The Snake River Fund blog covers the topic in detail: “‘While we are very disappointed that the House chose not to protect these national treasures today, we hope Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Rahall will bring the bill up for another vote in the near future,’ said David Moryc, Senior Director of River Protection at American Rivers.”
According to Associated Press writer Matt Joyce, the action to block the bill’s passage was led by those concerned the legislation would block oil and gas development on federal land, including Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis. “[Spokesman Tom] Reed said Sportsmen for the Wyoming Range supports the Wyoming Range bill as it’s written. ‘Our contention all along as sportsmen is: Is it really worth having a national treasure in terms of trophy mule deer herd and three subspecies of cutthroat trout and the world’s largest population of Shiras moose damaged in order to get 24 days worth of natural gas?’ he said. ‘I know sportsmen feel absolutely not.'”

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  • Jack

    1. We need to stop sending these criminal, treasonous monsters back to Congress every two years. It is long past time to KICK THEM ALL OUT.
    2. The environmental movement has done the most damage to itself by buying into the utterly nonsensical notion that there is some kind of tradeoff between economic growth and environmental protection. The exact opposite is true: economic progress DEPENDS entirely on sound stewardship of our natural resources. The morons on the so-called “left” have handed the monsters on the so-called “right” all the power in this realm for fifty years, and I for one am positively sick to death of it.
    3. Thanks to you, friends at Midcurrent, for bringing these items in digestible, current format. I appreciate your site more than you know.

  • Drift

    I’ve seen other websites have pre-formatted letters to which one affixes one’s name and address and the letters get mailed to the Congressman in your district. Couldn’t we come up with something like that?