Dealing in Destruction

Last April we reported on the case of San Francisco millionaire Luke Brugnara, who said he was being unfairly attacked by state and local officials for damming Little Arthur Creek, which runs through his property (see “‘Trophy’ Real Estate Developer Snagged Poaching Steelhead“). An article by Chris Bone in this morning’s Gilroy Dispatch tells the tale behind the tale: that Brugnara tried to sell 3 billion gallons of water from the creek to the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Never mind that the creek is important spawning water for endangered steelhead. Seems that Brugnara has since “filed five Chapter 11 bankruptcy claims in the past four months with a total debt of nearly $75 million.”

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  • Jack

    Pretty interesting that the homeless guy who got arrested for catching one steelhead to eat went to jail, and this cretin, who tried to kill potentially millions of steelhead to fatten his already overstuffed wallet a little more, likely won’t see any such consequence.
    And people wonder why our society is totally off the rails.