Cheney Invitation Spurs More Controversy

According to The New York Daily News, one American Museum of Fly Fishing board member resigned in protest over last week’s decision to invite former vice president Dick Cheney to participate in their fall fund raiser in Washington, D.C. On the other hand, trustees Gary Sherman and Foster Bam seem fully behind the decision. “A Cheney aide confirmed receipt of the museum’s invitation, but declined last week to comment on the uproar,” said writer Michael Saul.

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  • Martin Amsel

    I am not going to renew my membership in the American Museum of Fly Fishing!

  • J. A. K.

    The invitation was based on ignorance or complacency on the part of whomever is responsible. Mr. Cheney was an integral part of the Bush Administration’s team that has resulted in the worst environmental record of any Administration since the 1950s – before which time, public awareness of environmental concerns was zero. The Bush Administration can be remembered for many things, including its declaration that salmon in hatcheries counted toward population numbers when considereing whether a strain could be designated as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. The Bush administration also should be remembered for its proposal to open National Parks and wildlife refuges to exploitation by mining, energy and timber industries with little or no monitoring or compensation to the taxpayers for the profits they make or the damages they cause.
    Mr. Cheney’s faux sportsmanship is perhaps best illustrated by his near tragic display of ignorance of the most basic aspects of firearm safety that resulted in shooting a companion in the face with a shotgun.
    Inviting Mr. Cheney to speak as a representative of the fly-fishing community – this man who has admittedly availed himself of outdoor sports, but done so with little regard for what it takes to maintain the habitat that is necessary for these things to be available to others and future generations, is akin to inviting a serial rapist to be a judge at a beauty contest.
    It now appears the former Vice President will not be appearing at the annual Spring Gala for the AMFF; however their invitation stands. Until such time as they rescind that invitation, I join the ranks of Nick Lyons, Ted Williams and thousands of ordinary fly-fishermen in appealing to them to reconsider.

  • This political Bull%$#* has no place in the outdoors. Bush and Cheney are gone, (thank God) that board member needs to get over that administation. To resign and walk away from your promised resposibilities shows a lack of character. When it comes to fund raising who do you think will get more donations Chaney or that board members Democratic pick? This is a sure sign that the outdoors is being invaded by sweethearts, skirts, cry babies, & bed wetters what ever you might call them. They have never hiked 10 miles to fish a lonesome lake or stream. If they can’t drive up to it with their guide in the car it doesn’t interest them. I wish this sport would have never become popular.

  • Jill Wegner

    Just to be perfectly clear, this is NOT a political issue. It is an environmental/conservation issue. Speaking for myself, I would feel the same about a speaker/fund raiser with Dick Cheney’s disdain for the environment if he/she was a Democrat, so let’s get the politics out of this. It’s about the environment.

  • Bob Tully

    Some people are so consumed by their biases they have lost the ability to think logically, or maybe they are completely duped by our left wing press’s misrepresentations. Bottom line; this is a fund raiser for the environment, and Dick Cheney certainly will bring in the money.

  • Gary Soucie

    A sale of crack cocaine or poontang would also bring in a lot of money.

  • Deep Pool

    Follow the money.
    Cheney was selected by someone to whom the board could not say no because of past donations.
    The motivation of this person is unclear and probably did not allow for the outrage most fly fishers feel. But everyone at the museum seems powerless to stop this.
    Remember the rich are not like you and me.