Tom Rosenbauer On Multi-Fly Rigs

A new podcast by Tom Rosenbauer includes his favorite techniques for using multi-fly rigs to catch trout.
Excerpt: “This is a new craze that is actually an old craze. Back in the nineteenth century, people used only wet flies on multi-fly rigs. They would use as many as fifteen flies on a leader, and they would throw this what they called ‘cast’ of flies out there and let them swing in the current. Some of the flies would swing under the surface of the water, and some would sort of dap just under the surface of the water. So they were imitating emerging flies and flies skimming across the surface. It was quite effective, but I don’t think any of us what to deal with fifteen flies on a leader.”
Read more about multi-fly, dropper, or tandem fly rigs on MidCurrent.

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  • Tom

    just a cautionary note. check your local state regs. some states limit you to two hooks, per pole. a fifteen fly rig would get you a ticket in the state i live in.

  • Marshall Cutchin

    Rosenbauer mentions just that issue a couple of times in the podcast.

  • davy wotton has a great video out on the tradition welsh wet fly “cast” methods rosenbauer is talking about. and it is very good stuff for anyone interested from an historical perspective AND for anyone who likes soft hackle fishing.
    also, there r some waters that even have a single fly rule. so even a dropper is a violation.