"Fish Pirates" Making Millions On Chesapeake Bay Stripers

In a case that may prove the extensive corruption of the commercial striped bass fishery, federal and state investigators have uncovered a highly successful black market in Maryland and Virginia, and say that poachers have organized to illegally sell several millions of dollars worth of the fish to markets and restaurants for at least five years. “The timing couldn’t be worse for Maryland. On Monday, the region’s fishing regulatory agency is to meet in Alexandria, Va., and state officials fear that the news could trigger harsh penalties that would cripple the multimillion-dollar commercial fishing industry in the Chesapeake Bay and drive up retail fish prices.” Candus Thomson in the Baltimore Sun. (Thanks to reader Zach Matthews for this link.)

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  • Capt Gordon

    Here is my surprised face…

  • Eat something else!

  • Scott

    Hopefully, this and other offenses will create enough buzz to pursuade mid-Atlantic state and federal officials to move on legislation designating the striped bass as a game fish. Join in the fight at Stripersforever.com