Eagle Shooting Costs Wyoming Outfitter $5000

Luckily for Wyoming fishing and hunting outfitter Sammy L. Coutts, the Bald Eagle was taken off of the Endangered Species list four months before he decided to plink one on his trout pond. So it only cost Coutts a $5000 “donation” to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming. “Bald eagles are still protected in Wyoming under state law and, federally, under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. At first, Coutts reportedly denied shooting the eagle but later confessed under questioning by Game and Fish officers.” Cary Hatch in the Jackson Hole Daily.

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  • Mike

    Elmer Keith fans from this part of the country and us older westerners remember the days when all eagles were shot “on sight” because of the cruel deaths they would inflict on the young offspring of sheep, antelopes, etc…, but that has been a no no with the law for over three decades now.

  • Gary Eaton

    I doubt a Bald Eagle is a significant predator of antelope and sheep. A lot of bygone “shoot on-site” tradition was based upon unsubstantiated lore. The wild world is inherently “cruel”. Nothing in this world survives except at the demise of something alive. Shooting the Bald Eagle is illegitemate. If Bald Eagles were marauding the fish stocks, that’s life. Imagine if every Iowa farmer was allowed to slaughter all of the whitetails “stealing” his corn. $5K is not a severe fine – he should lose his hunting and fishing licenses for five years, too.

  • Nick

    “Coutts holds a permit for C-4 Outfitters”
    Boycott anyone?