Simms Rivershed Felt-Free Wading Boots Reviewed

Yesterday Tony Bishop of New Zealand’s Bish On Fish blog gave his personal take on Simms’s new Rivershed wading boots. Bishop, who bought the boots and wore them for a full week of fishing, says the boots are “85% good.” “On ‘clean boulders and rocks’ the grip was solid. On slime covered rocks not quite as good, you have to be ready for the occasional boot slip. I had cheated a bit – I placed 9 studs around the edges of the sole. (Don’t put studs in the centre of the sole, it stops the sole from ‘sticking’.)”

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  • David Richards

    Have just completed first 2 weeks of 4 in NZ – wife has been wearing Simms Rivershed and I have been wearing Chota Roc Loc. The Simms hold up almost aswell as Felt – the addition of cleats as mentioned by Tony Bishop completes the deal.
    The Chota’s – what can I say in most of the rivers fished the last 2 weeks without cleats it feels like taking my life in my hands (or my boots) every time – especially if the rocks are baseball sized, slip and slide all over and on one occasion turned back through concern about lack of secure footing in a situation I believe would have been crossable in felts.
    Overall for security of footing the Simms Rivershed wading boots with Vibram soles win our vote.