Moose Drool, GrizWhiz and Dancing Trout

Some Montana beer names enjoy a longer life than others. (GrizWhiz made a big splash, then sales trickled to nothing.) In the Great Falls Tribune, Stacy Byrne talks about the serendipity and inspiration that goes into marketing hand-crafted beer.

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  • Tom

    living in Montana, i’ve had the great pleasure of drinking the vast majority of the beers mentioned in the article plus many more also brewed up here. hats off to the makers of Dancing Trout who donated fifty cents per six pack sold to Trout Unlimited.

  • Hard to go wrong with the “piscatorial microbrews”! You can find a few more on the Zen Trout thread I posted in preparation for the fall election.
    Some great suggestions in the comments section from the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy all of Tom’s posts but I really like the ones that send me out to try something new. Learning that TU gets money with every six pack of Dancing Trout gives me all the more incentive to find a way for a sixer or two to make it back to Wisconsin (AKA Land O Beer).
    Tight lines,
    Trout Buddha

  • Above comment: Opps! I mean Marshall not Tom!! Wrong blog. Thanks for all the great MidCurrent News.