Prominent Conservation Lobbyist Jim Range Dies

Jim Range, who represented the voice of AFFTA in the U.S. legislature for more than ten years and helped shape numerous regulations and laws that support fishing and conservation, passed away Monday night after a short battle with cancer. Range was also Senior Legislative Policy Advisor and environmental lawyer for Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell, a Washington, DC, law firm. Range received numerous conservation awards and honors, including Outdoor Life magazine’s 2002 Conservation Award for his work to establish the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP), the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Great Blue Heron Award, and the American Sportfishing Association’s Norville Prosser Lifetime Achievement Award. But he was perhaps most visible to fly fishers as the energy behind AFFTA’s National Casting Call, an annual event that supports fish habitat conservation, science, and education.
You can read more about Range’s work for the TRCP here, and AFFTA’s note on his passing here.

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  • Phil Monahan

    Jim Range was among the more important figures in creating and promoting fishing-conservation legislation for the past couple decades, but because he operated almost completely outside the spotlight, few fishermen recognize his name. Make no mistake: this is a HUGE loss for all of us. I met him a couple of times and was impressed that he was able to thrive in two entirely different worlds; he was equally comfortable shooting the bull with sportsmen and negotiating difficult legislation with congressmen. In Range, we had a fishing and hunting enthusiast who also had access to every office in Washington and who was a very effective lobbyist. He’ll be tough to replace.

  • Marshall Cutchin

    The Washington Post published a detail bio in this morning’s news:
    Huge loss indeed.

  • Rob

    Jim was an old friend and colleague of my father’s.
    I had only met him once, at a cocktail party. He had offered to take me out on the Potomac at 0400 during the spring run. I had always meant to take him up on the offer. He was a character and will be missed.

  • Marshall Cutchin

    …and here is another tribute from a close friend, Tom Sadler:

  • Jim… so long my friend. You were the bright spot I always looked forward to in the many AFFTA board meetings. Gina Abel