Winter Grayling on England's Classic Streams

“Anglers call it the ‘lady of the stream‘, but with its ability to disappear in even the shallowest, clearest water, and to vanish temporarily from whole stretches of river, the grayling seems to me more like the ghost of the stream. Winter’s bleak skies and short, dark days are good for a spot of ghost hunting.” In London’s Financial Times, Bob Sherwood stalks grayling in sections of the Test and Itchen that are rarely fished in winter.

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  • Martin Amsel

    I thoroughly enjoyed fishing for grayling on the River Wye and the Irfon in South Wales. The first grayling I caught took me by surprise, as I didn”t know they were there.

  • Izaak Walton

    Grayling have traditionally been fished in the UK for many centuries, although they are considered to be less prestigious than trout. However, in the Test (and perhaps other streams) there is currently no limit and the successful angler can take his/her fill. I caught several on the Test this summer and they are very tasty.