American Angler Editor Loses Job in Morris Cuts

Morris Communications is cutting 12% of their magazine jobs, and Phil Monahan — who edited American Angler for almost ten years and was largely responsible for a long uptrend in readership — is one of the casualties. Morris, which publishes 13 daily newspapers and owns outdoor book publishers Lyons Press and Globe Pequot, as well as Fly Tyer and Gray’s Sporting Journal, is swimming in the same dangerous waters as other newspaper publishers who are having a hard time meeting debt obligations.
Steve Walburn, the Morris Magazine Group general manager who will take over editorial responsibilities at American Angler, said yesterday that Monahan’s departure “is not a reflection on Phil, his job performance, or the magazine content.”

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  • Rich Tate

    I am really sorry to see this. Monahan did wonders for that magazine. IMO, it is easily the best of the fly-fishing magazines, largely due to him. I would think one of the other magazines would pick him up right away–at least I hope so.

  • Mark White

    A sad day for American Angler….it would seem to be a sign of the times, but if the editor who played a large part in bringing in new readers goes then what will happen to the content and thus the renewal of subscribers like myself. Phil has an extraordinary knowledge as a fly fishing editor having the intellect and personal experience to bring to anglers all over the country a solid read and a great resource in the American Angler.
    Mark White

  • Steve Z

    Especially sad as I just became a subscriber after being a newsstand reader for many years. I’m sorry to see him go.