Swedish Company Psaros Introduces Hubless Fly Reel

Throwing traditional center-spindle reel design out the window, Swedish fly fishing manufacturer Psaros just announced a new reel that uses an “open gantry” snap-close frame design. According to Psaros, this allows a very large arbor but at drastically reduced weight.
Read the extended entry for the full press release.

Psaros Flyfishing introduces a spectacular new Hubless Fly Reel
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, December, 2008 – Psaros Flyfishing is pleased to announce the launch of the Psaros II Trout fly reel. Psaros’s patented fly reel features an innovative spindle-less design with a super large arbor and ease of use.
Every feature of the Psaros II Trout reel is designed to achieve ultimate functionality. The hubless architecture is a striking design feature with an important purpose: it eliminates the need for a center axle, thus endowing the reel with a remarkably large arbor. The benefits include drastically reduced weight, minimized start-up inertia, the elimination of line coil, a greatly increased rate of retrieval, and maximum backing capacity.
The Psaros II Trout is equipped with the patented Fast Fixation Frame™ which allows the user to change the spool without any loose parts. The ported spool is easily snapped into the C-frame™ and is closed with one click. The C-frame encloses and protects the spool making the reel durable and safe to use in the most demanding stream-side surroundings.
The Open Gantry™ feature allows the user to seamlessly switch between left and right handed retrieval (Simultaneous L-R™). The advantage is clear: fisherman may fight using either hand without fear of losing the fish under difficult conditions.
The Psaros II reel is designed and manufactured in Sweden to exacting standards. The high-grade aerospace aluminum is anodized to 20? allowing for fresh and saltwater use.
Each Psaros II Trout reel is engraved with its unique serial number and is delivered in an exclusive jeweler-quality presentation case. Only available from the manufacturer’s website (www.psarosflyfishing.com), the price of the reel includes free world-wide shipping.
The Psaros II Trout from Psaros Flyfishing combines the tradition of fly fishing with innovative thinking into a new dimension. It is a remarkable and collectable fly reel that leaves little to be desired. For more details and information contact info@psarosflyfishing.com or visit www.psarosflyfishing.com.
Psaros II Trout AFTM 5-8
Patent# 6,871,809
Weight: 152 grams
Line capacity: 150 m backing (WF 7)
Material: High-Grade Aerospace Aluminum
Finish: 20? Anodisation; Saltwater durable

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  • Joel Morsch

    Looking at the picture on the manufacturer’s webpage it seems as if the tolerances aren’t very tight. I see a lot of daylight between the spool and the frame. That is a pricey reel in a fairly odd capacity as well.

  • On the contrary- the tolerance is +- 1/500, significantly higher than the standard 1/300. The reels are produced on the same high-precision CNC machines which manufacture medical equipment.
    The “daylight” you refer to is intentional- it ensures only the three roller bearings are making contact with the spool and provide the unique breaking system.

  • Steve Brooke

    This looks like a step forward from the reels made by Loop (also distributed by Sage) that had three inner bearings. The smooth (and quite) action of the Loop should be present with this new variant. Hope the US $ gains value so this new version will be affordable to us in the US.

  • Bruce Seiden

    Am I missing something? The reel weight is 5.3 ounces, has no drag, cost $495 and they expect you to pay an extra $25 for a neoprene case that everyone else sells for $10. The braking system is just a variation of palming the spool. But instead of the spool you apply pressure to the exposed roller surface. The exposed rollers sound like they will be a magnet for dirt and grit. All of a sudden a spindle that contains a sealed drag sounds like it is worth the additional weight, if any. For example: The Orvis Battenkill large arbor for 5-7 weight lines weights 4.4 ounces, cost $198 and includes a case.