Getting Started With Atlantic Salmon: The Margaree

“The only mandatory expense on the Margaree is $57 for one-week license. The many pools on the river do attract a fair number of anglers, but salmon casters learn rotational fishing. That’s the practice of making a couple of casts and them stepping downstream in the pool to make room for the next angler.” John Corrigan writes about the Margaree River in Nova Scotia, where anglers who don’t want to spend thousand of dollars for private access can still have a chance at an Atlantic salmon. In the Concord [New Hampshire] Monitor.

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  • bob brown

    had the pleasure to fish the Margaree for about a week this past August. Unfortunately, I arrived the day after a 150 year flood. The river was sky high and retreated a bit during the week.
    This is a beautiful water course with loads of angler access.
    The first stop should be either the fly shop in Margaree Forks (which doesn’t sell much – so bring everything you need) or the Atlantic Salmon Museum right outside Margaree Forks. While there pick up a very detailed stream map that indicates every named hole and the access points.
    This is not an extremely long river and the lower pools around Margaree Forks are a couple miles from the ocean and the river is quite wide and slow. As you move up stream the water gets a bit swifter and the river narrows.
    Almost everyone fishing knows the exact pool and angler that caught any fish the previous day. So, talk to the guys and get a feel for where the action is.
    Heard there was also a good dry fly salmon fishery during the summer.
    A good web site to go to is the Nova Scotia fishing forum that has a section dedicated to salmon and a bunch of guys post about the Margaree.
    Now for my success….got a few takes on the Margaree, but no landings. Moved over to the Baddeck and fished the Baddeck for a few days.
    My big success was landing a 38″ …18#…great, hooked jaw male (7 complete jumps).
    Next year we are taking the motorhome up to Newfoundland for the summer and looking forward to salmon up there.
    The difficulty of catching these things, the lull of the consistant casting, and the beauty of the rivers make this fishing addictive.