Bush Adminstration Agrees to Remove Klamath Dams

The New York Times this morning reports on a long-awaited administrative about-face regarding Klamath River dams. After years of pressure and negotiation, the Department of the Interior seems resigned to see more than 300 miles of the Klamath finally reopened to migrating salmon — albeit not for several more years. “In a move likely to resonate around the Northwest, the Bush administration joined on Thursday with Oregon and California and PacifiCorp, a major power-generating company, to endorse a plan to remove four aging hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River by 2020.” Article by Felicity Barringer.

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  • Rick Hirsch

    This is a wonderful & well timed article. If interested in more background, this month’s issue (Dec 2008)of National Geographic
    has a super article on the Klamath R and its history.
    Please send me my info or how to sign up again.

  • Hal Beaver

    this is bull s— we don,t have 12 years left, another way for them to delay. I can,t sh– these guys out fast enough.