Mel Krieger Dies

Famed casting instructor Mel Krieger died peacefully at his home early this morning after recently being diagnosed with brain lymphoma, according to his wife.

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  • Jon Dyke

    Mel – you will be missed by you extended family all around the world. You have had a profound impact on so many.
    Fish on my friend….

  • FlyAddiction

    We´ll miss you buddy… wherever you are now heading just take a minute and look back… some of us will still be here casting because of you!
    I had the great luck to meet you down at the bottom of this world… in Rio Grande, Argentina. I used to guide for KauTapen… I treasure my picture with you… and I wish you a good trip my friend!
    Juan Martin Accqua… flyaddiction.

  • nick

    A big loss. See you round the next bend of the river Mel.

  • Mel – It seams like just yesterday that you we’re in the shop talking about bunny fur flies, where to fish in Argentina, and how learning a golf stroke is similar to learning how to cast. No doubt you’ll be in our memories forever, and each time we think of you, you’ll be on the water with us in spirit. Thanks for your great contribution to the world of fly fishing. We’ll miss you…

  • There is only one irreplacable Mel Krieger in the world. You’ll be greatly missed by fly fishing community. Your passion for the sport is a great inspiration to many of us and your legacy will stay with us for many many years to come.

  • A very sad day for fly fishermen.

  • Ariel

    If you believe in reincarnation Mr. Krieger will return as a small child somewhere in the world, just picking up a fly rod, looking out into the waters near it’s home, casting to a rising trout and feeling the tug for the first time. If you believe in a superior being as a god, than Watch Out, because the best instructor just arrived and your about to learn a hell of a lot!
    You will be messed.
    My regards to the family for it’s loss.

  • Warren Vander Hill

    Truly one of the great fly casting teachers–and an all around fine person. A real loss…

  • Keith Watson

    Mel You were an icon, the worlds a poorer place now.

  • Fernando Silva

    You will be always in my memories,in my rivers,in my casts in my flies…
    Tanks Mel

  • Dan Klingberg

    Mel was a joy and inspiration. We will miss him.

  • Jerry Cavallo

    “There are to types of people in the world, Poets and Engineers” ….Mel was Both…