More Mel Krieger Tributes

This week brought an outpouring of tribute from fly fishers who were in one way or another touched by Mel Krieger, who died last week at the age of 80. In the 1970s I taught myself to cast a fly more than 30 feet by watching a Mel Krieger video about two dozen times. His classic book The Essence of Fly Casting, showed, in my opinion, that great photography could make all the difference in delivering casting instruction via print. But the number of folks whose personal contact with Mel left indelible memories is truly remarkable.
Marty Seldon posted his banquet presentation for the October 11 NCCFFF Festival of Fly Fishing and notes that “Mel originated the now predominant FFF Casting Instructor Certification Program, and the FFF Guides Association.”
Field & Stream‘s Kirk Deeter mentions spending time with Krieger at last year’s Hooked on a Cure event in Colorado.
And several folks contributed comments on the Fly Fisherman and Dan Blanton, Kiene’s Fly Shop bulletin boards.
Finally there’s the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Sunday obituary, which notes that Krieger “became a renowned fly casting instructor, teaching clinics all over the world. He was a pillar in the fly fishing community and was considered one of the foremost and innovative instructors.”

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  • Fly fisherman,
    Wow!!! I was just browsing New Hampshire fly fishing and seen more tributes for Mel Krieger….This man was the reason I was able to learn the double haul and improve my casting to a whole other level!!! I watched his videos over and over again, thay never get old to me! Mel you touched so many people in your teaching!! even the ones you never met..LIKE ME!! My goal was to meet you in person one day!! We wont forget your outgoing personality!! You will be forever missed!! God bless your family and your wife Fanny!! P.S. I will cast a fly for you later today
    Gordon Vanderpool

  • 10/14
    I have been going over Mel’s DVD Flycasting Faults & Fixes. Besides his easy going teaching style, I was impressed with his outgoing easy personality. His passing is a loss for all of us who throw a flyline. Mel via his DVD helped me get from 40 to 60 feet this summer. By next summer, I hope to be ready for the FFF Certified Casting Instructor Exam thanks to Mel’s material.
    I will remember you when I am on stream casting to a wayward trout.
    May God grant your wife and family peace and comfort in this time of grief.
    Marshall Estes

  • Rick

    I met Mel once–at the Trout Unlimited Annual meeting in Portland, OR in 1997. Gave us a great casting demo. He also passed around a bag of small rocks for each of us to take. I was never quite sure why but I was going steelhead fishing on the Deshutes with my son after the meeting and figured I needed all the karma I could get.
    Well I did catch a nice steelhead and made some great memories with my son..thanks Mel–you’ll be missed.
    Rick Murphree
    Knoxville, TN

  • Peiter Kriekenbeek

    Mel provided the fundamental impetus to improved casting, and his presence, through the famous video put the fun into our fly fishing. We are sad the man we knew as “Down-Up, Down-Up” is no more. But will be remembered with great fondness. Our deepest sympathies to his wife and family.From the – The Old Geehi Hut Fishers