Win Or Lose, Obama to Learn Fly Fishing

Apparently the presidential candidate was smitten with Montana during his campaign stops there. So spear-gunning is out, fly fishing is in. “‘One way or another, after this presidential process is over, whether — because I lose or because I win — and I’ve got a little vacation time coming, I’m going to learn how to flyfish, because that land is spectacular,’ he said.” Ben Smith on

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  • Frank James Unger

    Hi, Marshall . . .
    Cool thoughts from our man, Obama! Maybe you’ll have an opportunity to personally show him Montana and teach him the skill of fly fishing, AFTER he takes care of the business at hand and becomes President! Never say never! You’re well-qualified in both areas.
    Midcurrent looks excellent. Hope you and the family are doing well. Hope to see you soon . . .
    Your friend,