The 2009 Presidential Race: It's Carp Vs. Trout

If you even dabbed a toe in political news this week, you know that the votes are lining up on each side of the U.S. presidential contest. While soon-to-be-VP-candidate Sarah Palin was ignoring the rule against governors taking a public stance on ballot issues and invoking “personal privilege” to encourage Alaskans to vote against salmon protections, fly fishers like Tim Romano and Will Rice were braving the close scrutiny of SWAT teams to go after some very big carp swimming just a stone’s throw from Denver’s Pepsi Center and the Democratic National Convention.
But you probably missed this “biting” commentary by the host of the popular show “DoughBall:”
“It’s looking more and more like this could turn out to be a Carp vs. Salmonid debate that is decided in the end by crucial swing votes. Increasingly targeted by fly fishers and long known to pass global warming off as a ruse, carp are likely to vote red this fall. The sometimes aloof salmon and trout — who have suffered eight years of doubt and a prolonged housing slump — will likely vote blue. Meanwhile the Dixicrats of the fish world, largemouth bass, who normally favor shades of red, have been known to bite a blue lure on especially cloudy days. The only true independents, smallmouth bass, are predicted to cast a sympathy vote with trout on water quality and housing issues.”
If you haven’t followed the defeat of Alaska’s Clean Water Initiative, which would have required mining operations to toe the line on water quality, be sure to read the in-depth discussion by Taro Satake on his Tspey blog.

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  • Stephen Bonner

    The fish will be fine – hooraa for Sara, do what’s right girl.

  • Martin Wright

    Gov. Palin supports the Pebble Mine. Nuf said.

  • Alex Gonzales

    Stephen, just like that, “the fish will be fine”? Easier said than done.
    Thank you Martin for mentioning the Pebble Mine which I was not familiar with, but took the time to educate myself about.
    Just because Sarah can supposedly “field dress a moose”, she is not a friend to those who like to hunt and fish. Especially to those who would like to give their grandchildren an opportunity to hunt and fish.
    Sarah is more interested in handing over these lands to gas & oil, and mining operations that will feed the machine now, and the hell with later. Kids, you’re on your own.

  • Rick

    Right on Martin. Maybe Her Excellency would like to take her kids swimming in the giant toxic waste lakes the Pebble Creek Mine leaves behind.

  • Bryan Whiting

    Not that I think Gov. Palin was the best possible choice, but I think we should remember that this is an election which requires votes. The choice of Gov. Palin will add a significant number of disenchanted Hilary supporters who felt unheard and disregarded by Obama. In addition, it will add a significant number of single mothers, most of whom have been too busy in the past to even vote. Now, however, they have someone who knows what their life is like and they will flock to the polls to support her. In addition, America as a whole is fed up with the stereotypical politician, such as Joe Biden. Gov. Palin is about as far from the image of a politician as one can get without choosing the town drunk. Many Americans think lack of political experience and political indebtedness is actually a plus.

  • Angler Ernie

    Were only Governor Palin as careful with protecting the sanctity of the salmonid spawning ground as she is with protecting access to any information about her own. She may claim to be a friend of the environment, but her lust for giving in to big money interests to rape the Alaskan environment speaks volumes for why she should not be respected by any rod and reel fisherman or woman.

  • Howard

    It’s sad that all you left wing socialists equate the “right wing” with anti environmental sentiment. If you really want to impact the debate, throw away your socialist idealogy and name calling and join the Republican party. That way you could have some input on legislation. Build a concensus that would discourage such projects as the “pebble mine”. You see, the problem is we,who embrace a conservative idealogy and who are conservationists and environmentalist don’t like your “us against them” attitude. Maybe you should listen to John McCain and help build a concensus instead of creating division.

  • Scott

    Just remember…we vote for the PRESIDENT, not vice presidents…and unless my Poli Sci 101 is wrong, the VP doesn’t really do much substantive policy work. Heck look at the VPs we’ve had over the years. I’d be much more interested in who would be Secretary of the Interior, EPA director, FERC commissioners…than the VP.