Huey Lewis: "Where You At, Baby?"

The short answer to that question is that the 80s rocker and fly fisher spends a lot of time casting flies on one of those Montana waters where the surrounding property owners don’t welcome the general fly fishing public with open arms. The Mitchell Slough (which Lewis called “just a ditch“), like the Ruby River, has been a focus in the ongoing debate over access rights. Ok then, Huey Lewis, workin’ for a living, fly fishing in a ditch (albeit a very wide one) — which will apparently be featured in a Canadian reality TV show: somehow that makes sense.

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  • wayne hadley

    Maybe he’ll move up there and try to privatize some public resources.

  • allen faulk

    Here in the South, the gap between the have’s and have-nots doesn’t include fishin’ rights on navigable streams. Come on down!