Fly Fishing Alaska's Moraine River

Retired Houston Chronicle writer Joe Doggett packs more information about Alaskan fly fishing opportunities into this one article than we’ve seen in entire book chapters. He briefly describes fishing on a number of smaller Alaskan river, but says the Moraine is the “purest Alaskan experience.” “It is most famous for consistent numbers of ‘mid-20s,’ football-fat, brightly colored trout in the 22- to 26-inch class, any one of which might be a season topper — maybe a career topper — in public streams in the Lower 48.” Be sure to check out the “Resources” sidebar, which details the seasons for the most sought-after fish.

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  • jon Ain

    Great creek for big fish but often more crowded than well known western rivers with planes unloading anglers and guides every few minutes to fish the same small stream Jon Ain

  • Bryan Whiting

    Fished the Moraine in 2007 and will never return. Watching the guide sprint to claim a run, fishing within sight of more than 10 fishermen, accompanied by the sound of plane after plane, catching fish whose mouths were mangled from pervious hookups, standing in the tracks of someone’s who was their yesterday, and not being able to move up or down stream because each run was already occupied is not what I choose to do in Alaska nor is it what I think most people envision when the contemplate fishing in Alaska for the first time. It is a pretty river with lots of fish, but that can be said about many places in Alaska especially those you fish alone.