Souhegan River Dam Demolition Begins

The “dam cam” isn’t working at the moment, but the Smithsonian Institution is on hand to film the demolition of the New Hampshire’s Merrimack Village Dam, which began Wednesday morning. “Species like Atlantic salmon, Blueback herring and American eels, which make their homes as far away as Bermuda, the Carolinas and coast of Greenland, will be able to make their way as far inland as Milford, he said.” Joseph G. Cote in the Nashua Telegraph.

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  • Here in England we have the Tees Barrage which is stopping Migratory fish entering the water above this man made Dam .I have been campaigning since 2002 to get something done with the inadiquate fish passage.Blowing this dam up and starting again would be the best solution , but now they are plans for the 2012 white water course so we wil just have to watch the slaughter of migratory by the cormerants and seals .