Fly Fishing Guide Tries to Save Kayaker

“It was a valiant effort by a lot of people,” said [Paul] Killino, an Edwards resident and Alpine River Outfitters guide who was leading a fly-fishing trip at the time. Justin Brindley, 30, of Boulder, who was running the Colorado River in an inflatable kayak, drowned last Friday afternoon in Lower Gore Canyon near Radium.” Steve Lynn in the Vail Daily.

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  • Trasa Boer

    This Paul guy was not there at this tragic accident. He is a wacko wanting notoriety. There was four people there and unless he was the one getting CPR and his name is Justin Brindley he was not there. There was a raft guide who SHOULD get credit for at least trying and his name is Alex Petrides with Codi Rafting. He did get the four of us down the river. My husband and myself did CPR who knows where this Paul from Alpine Rafting Company fits in. WEIRDO