Pentax Announces 10-Megapixel Waterproof Camera

“Pentax announced on Thursday its new Optio W60, a 10-megapixel point-in-shoot that is waterproof to a depth of 13 feet. An upgrade to the previous W30 model–designed to handle only 10 feet of water–the W60 will also last for two hours in extreme below-freezing temperatures.” Available on July 20 in the U.S., the $329 camera also gives a “a 21mm-equivalent shot.” On

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  • I want one of those!!!

  • Finally! Been waiting for something like this for awhile

  • Mike Maurer

    this camera does not appear to have a view finder. If it doesen’t, it like it’s predecessors is totally worthless in sunlite , which is where you would normally use it.

  • I see no view finder–a necessity for taking good photos on bright rivers and streams. No wonder we’re forced to use the older point-and-shoot cameras! Someone in marketing needs to actually use these cameras on the water.