Dalu and Collins Win Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament

Last night we got word that David Dalu, guided by Captain Scott Collins, won the annual three-day Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament in the Florida Keys yesterday. This follows their win in the 5-day Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament last June, when Dalu was the first first-time angler to win the event. We’ll post more results as we get them.

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  • tailingpermit

    Congrats to David!

  • Marshall Cutchin

    Here are some actual results for the tournament:
    Grand Champions:
    Dalu/Collins — 3 weights ( 85,94,97#) and 8 releases – 4360 points
    Runner up:
    Jim Holland, Jr. and Joe Rodriguez —
    3 weights and 6 releases (79, 85 and 88#) – 3720 points
    Andy Mill and Doug Kilpatrick —
    3 weights (88,102 and 132#) and one release – 3240 points
    Most Releases – 8:
    Baker Bishop and Brian Helms (tied with Dalu/Collins but caught last fish earlier)
    Largest Fish:
    172 pounds (taped at 41 inch girth) —
    Steve Stanley and Dave Denkert
    Total 53 releases and 19 weights (i.e. over 70# or actually 29 in girth)