Topo Maps for Everyone

Back in November, Google rather quietly implemented a “Terrain” display on Google Maps. Why is this so cool? Because if you were used to getting your topo maps online via subscription — or if you are dedicated blueliner — your “print screen” button now gives you access to a reasonably detailed version of a topo map (not to mention a satellite view) of your next “secret spot.” If you want more detail, you still might opt to use a service like that provided by, which offers an online version of a traditional topo map. But between Google’s satellite and terrain versions, you may be perfectly happy with the free information that is now at your fingertips.

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  • That´s a great news! Good to know!

  • I have used google maps quite extensively to pioneer new area. Last year, I took a group to a small creek where we literally couldn’t keep the fish off of the hook!!! And then to be surrounded by bears. It was an awesome trip. The google maps features allowed me to find access and understand the topography of the area.