Early-Season Go-To Flies

In the Detroit Free Press, Eric Sharp says forget about trying to match the indecipherable early season hatch — carry little black stoneflies, BWOs, Hendricksons, some caddis and a few Adamses and you’ll be just fine. “If it turns out that the river you fish requires an imitation of a bow-legged yellow pine borer in size 21, you can buy some at the local fly shop. Otherwise, get out on the stream, see what’s hatching and pull something out of your box that’s close.”

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  • Capt.John Kendzorski

    I prefer to fish with 3-6 inch chub/sucker imitations on a sink tip line.When the water is cold and high,bad conditions for nymphing,these are my go to flies.If you are only going to entice a few fish,the larger trout are preferred.Try this.You might be rewarded quite handsomely.Capt.John