Trout Fishing in Afghanistan

Virtual Angler blogger Nick Mills tells an interesting story about an abortive attempt to catch trout in Afghanistan and his subsequent research, which turned up some history on the country’s brown trout, which were first mentioned in the writings of Herodotus and Marco Polo. “As for the origin of the brown trout, Jean-José wrote a book, La pêche à la truite en Afghanistan, in which he theorizes that the trout migrated from Europe in meltwater streams at the end of the last Ice Age.” In Maine Today.

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  • Thaddeus Ritch de Herrera

    On my way there pretty soon.  I don’t know if there will be time, but it would be interesting to do some fishing.

    I recall learning about some sort of giant (non-trout) salmonid that lived in the mountains of Pakistan when I was a kid.  Does anyone know what this fish is and if it lives in Afghanistan?

    Thaddeus Ritch de Herrera