Fish Farming Decimating Wild Salmon, Say Researchers

“Salmon farms are having a negative impact on wild stocks globally, in many cases causing survival rates to drop by more than 50 per cent per generation, according to a new study being released today.” Mark Hume in Canada’s Globe and Mail.

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  • jdubya

    This issue more than any other one has shown me how anti-environment the Canadians are. I had always assumed the stereotype that Canadians were more in touch than us yanks, but i think that is bull crap (just like the assumption that native Americans are environmentalists as well: just talk with a wind river reservation resident about wolves and bears). My only conclusion is that BC will only be content when every wild run of salmon and steelhead is killed off and replaced by acres of pens of Atlantic salmon and their pests and offal.

  • Mark Deitz

    We Canadians are pro-environment, some of our politicians can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.
    Currently there are groups suing the BC government to stop the practise of fish farming on migratory routes.
    Please visit
    and sign a petition against fish farming.