Sucker Spawn Flies for Early Season Trout

Though these patterns got their start on steelhead streams, a Times Herald-Record columnist notes that flies imitating sucker spawn can work on virtually any water with a population of suckers, even Catskill streams. “Here’s what [guide Ron] Bierstine has to say about this peculiar but effective fly pattern: ‘It was created to imitate sucker spawn in the inland streams which trout feed upon,’ he said. ‘It’s perhaps the ultimate egg pattern. A small, soft, silhouetted fly that looks snotty in the water, not hard and unnatural. Drifts well and traps small air bubbles.'”

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  • Jack Wallingford

    after fishing for steelies for 20 years, i always had some sucker spawn and egg patterns in my vest, even when i split gear and kept a trout vest and steelhead vest. when i was in west virginia one year on a deer hunt, i whipped out an egg pattern and when all else failed, what brought those icy cold rainbows running to the hook? the eggs and spawn. there was six inches of snow and ice. but it was all good with the smaller sizes of the eggs and light colored spawn. that was on elk creek about 1998. I am sure they would work today.