Those Wacky, Wicked Fly Fishing Bulletin Boards

According to Bill Thompson, fly fishing bulletin boards are victim to the same “Cult of the Amateur” that infects much information on the web. “The web provides the opportunity for those who post the ability to remain anonymous. It is now possible to slander someone or something without fear of reprisal. Asking a question about a certain piece of gear and you are certain to get a dozen replies almost immediately. Some of the replies may be legit, however anyone with an ax to grind will surely do so.” Caveat Emptor indeed. In the Conway Daily Sun.

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  • Methinks ole Bill speaks the truth. However, the diversity of perspective, opinion, and experience available on-line is a HUGE breath of fresh air to what has too long been a stale and stuffy fly fishing media. And I’ve read a BUNCH of stuff published by so-called “expert” fly anglers in print media (newspapers, magazines, and books) that I consider no more authoritative than what you can glean from the Internet. As for the advantage of editing in print media, I reviewed a book published by a major fly fishing publishing house last year that was apparently edited by monkeys. The most important parts of the book…the stuff that would have made it great if done well…were sloppily handled by the author. And he is a “respected” author and columnist.
    In the end, what works on the Internet also works in print media: what is good and useful will survive in the marketplace. The rubbish will languish and perish with time. Hypes and fads always come and go. On the Internet, they just tend to come and go faster.

  • I couldn’t agree more with both the opinions of Bill Thompson and Ken Morrow. The internet is refreshing in getting ideas and opinions from folks other than those paid by flyfishing products companies. It is Caveat Emptor regardless of the media.

  • Clyde Pullen

    Some sites are good and some are not much help at all. Those that are good have people who share their experiences and opinions. Of course, some have an AX to grind, and some a gripe, and some like to chase rabbits but most of the infomation is given with the genuine desire to help and to answer questions. I find it very helpful and have developed many new friends across America.
    In His Love,