Sea Lice Could Kill Off Canadian Wild Salmon Populations in Four Years

A sobering report from Canadian researchers says that sea lice infestations from salmon farms off of the country’s coast have reached the tipping point, and that wild pink salmon in the areas north of Vancouver Island may be gone within four years. “‘This is the first time scientists have had enough detailed data to actually measure the impact of sea lice on wild salmon populations,’ said Martin Krkosek, lead author of the study and a doctoral candidate at the Center for Mathematical Biology at the University of Alberta.” Associated Press writer Jeff Barnard.

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  • Ricky Ricardo Hirsch

    Hi Marshall,
    Howdy, I have heard about you for years from the inimical (or is it inimitable)George Anderson.
    I am told I have spent more time in a boat with him in last 9 years than anyone…I am slow learner! hehehe
    Comment: Just read your article on Cliff’s fly box (I will get the jr) and decided to read MidCurrent for 1st time. Wow! Your timely article on lice is very good. 30 minutes ago I finished the article in NY Times, and here you are in MidCurrent. The bit I want to mention is in the Times article a government agency (Fisheries & Oceans Canada) made a classic gov’t and very George Bush-like response. “No direct cause & effect” has been proven about lice and “more study needed.” This is another case where the Precautionary Principal should reign.
    Keep up the good work. How often does MidCurrent appear on your site and how often is it emailed?
    Ricky Ricardo

  • Glad you like MidCurrent, Ricky. We publish news on fly fishing topics 365 days a year, and we introduce new content almost every week.