"Bass Don't Fight"

Brave man that he is, Field & Stream‘s Kirk Deeter suggests that “playing a bass usually involves about as much action and drama as the Spinks-Tyson fight did in 1988. Jump, shake, fall down.”

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  • Pete Wise

    Mr. Deeter is in full “comparing apples to oranges” mode with this lunkheaded commentary. Most hardware bass fishermen use baitcasting or spinning rods with the flexibility of a canoe paddle and line the thickness of parachute cord. Rainbow, brown, and brook trout would also be a joke on this kind of tackle.
    Conversely, bass of all species are extremely game fighters when taken on balanced fly tackle with appropriate leaders such as that which I use. I would love to see Kirky boy flip a double bunny or deceiver into heavy lily pads or sunken trees with a 5x trout tippet on a 4 or 5wt rod and try to hoist out any bass over 3 lbs from said structure.