NPR Covers Pebble Mine Controversy

National Public Radio includes a couple of interesting podcast interviews in their coverage of the impending construction of a massive open-pit gold mine next to Alaska’s Iliamna Lake. More ominous is the paragraph that summarizes the state of affairs in the small communities near the mine site, where Northern Dynasty is already building offices: “The tiny general store in Iliamna already sells ‘Pebble Mine’ sweatshirts — even though the mine hasn’t been approved yet. The sense here is that the mine is inevitable, that it’s too big not to happen.”

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  • Anne

    I’m a resident of Dillingham, downstream to the proposed Pebble Mine. What the story did not say is that a majority of the people in the region are passionately against it. Pebble Mine sweatshirts may exist, but most people wear sweatshirts that state their strong opposition. The anti-Pebble segement of the community is much, much stronger than the NPR story lets on.