Larry Craig: The Fall of an Anti-Fish Politician

As we noted a couple of weeks ago, U.S. Senator Larry Craig, who is in the news for pleading guilty then not-guilty to soliciting bathroom sex, is known for a fact to see salmon protections as bad for business (see “Larry Craig’s Parting Words?“). Now the Associated Press’s Matthew Daly has picked up on the story and talks in detail about how conservationists think Craig’s ouster is the best thing that could happen to northwest salmon stocks. “The surprising fall of Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, removes a longtime obstacle to efforts by Democrats and environmentalists to promote salmon recovery on Northwest rivers. Craig, who was removed from leadership posts on the Senate Appropriations and Energy committees after a sex scandal, is known as one the most powerful voices in Congress on behalf of the timber and power industries.”

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  • Jack Wallingford

    As usual, a man who knows nothing about wildlife and the greatest resource of this country, our outdoors, is in charge of something. in fact, this is one of the men in charge of the state of Idaho, which has all the natural resources and beauty a state could want. now, you know why their fishing and hunting regs are so out of whack.