Reader Poll: What Do You Want from Fly Fishing Manufacturers?

Sunday marks the beginning of the annual Fly Fishing Retailer show in Denver. It’s where manufacturers and product developers do dog-and-pony shows for retailers, so it’s a great chance for us to get a look at all the new gear that will be introduced for fly fishers in 2008. It’s also an opportunity for us to give feedback to the products gurus on what our readers want, so we’d love to pass along your needs, questions, quibbles and comments. If you have anything you think manufacturers should hear about, or want to know something in particular, send us your request: We’ll be at the show all week, and we’ll give our full report shortly after we return.

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  • See my post on Tom Chandler’s blog on the same subject: ask them why they are still spending almost all of their marketing and ad budgets on print and TV media when we all know that about 10 times more fly anglers are getting the majority of their fly fishing info from websites.

  • Les Jackson

    I would like to see fiberglass rods: medium sized and smaller 3-6 weight slow-medium action. 7 1/2′-9′ length.

  • Cameron

    I’d recommend that the fly rod companies sit back and realize that there is a sizeable group of anglers that aren’t convinced that the fast action rods are where it’s at. There is a quiet resurgence of fiberglass anglers out there…and the fly rod companies should take note.
    Also…for the companies that do feature glass in their line up…you might sell many more if more line weights and lengths were offered, AND they weren’t advertised as small stream specialty sticks. Fiberglass rods can do, and have done in the past, everything that graphite is doing now.
    I’d like to see a full line weight and length offerings…including spey rods in fiberglass from more of the major rod makers.

  • Grant Carter

    The retailers more than we, the actual fly fishers, should be developing the concept of a fly fishing Little League. The teams would be divided by age, not gender. The competition would include conservation, entomology, tying, casting and catching. Each year the season would conclude with regional and national competition similar to Williamsport. The annual Williamsport World Series does not highlight competition as much as bringing all the kids together to demonstrate to all other kids watching, that its the enjoyment of the sport that counts the most. That, my retailing friends is a way to grow the sport the right way. I’m retired but will volunteer to be the first commissioner. Ask the retailers and wholesalers why this concept could not be the future of their business.

  • jack barker

    my size 12 boots seem to weigh about 15 pounds when wet!

  • Robert D. Reed

    how about a decently made knotless leader? All of the ones I’ve tried seem poor to mediocre as designs- “one size fits all” products, yet meant for attachment to tapers and line weights that vary widely.
    The manufacturers, most of whom also manufacture fly lines, could even add an option of pre-attaching a leader matched with each of their fly lines…one that would be spliced or otherwise attached in a way that it wouldn’t hang up on fly line guides.
    Admittedly, such a product would limit the angling options available from a given line spool in some ways. But not necessarily…how about providing a partial leader- a butt and midsection portion, beyond which one could hand-tie extensions and tippets?