Vive la Truite

As something of a segue to Tom Chandler’s expression of concern that fly fishing competitions miss the point and France’s victory in the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships, we noticed a mention by James Martin, travel writer for, that offers fly fishing and haute cuisine in several regions of France. They even have a testimonial from Guy de la Valdène on their homepage (“You will not be disappointed.”) Meanwhile, Martin notes that “ is ready to send you trout fishing in France to places where the streams are so full of of Veuve Clicquot bottles chilling that there’s hardly room for the fish — and when you come up empty you can get yourself all dolled up and spend your meal times chowing down on some of the best food in France.”
What I want to know is: first, can I come, and second, would Jim Harrison be willing to go one-on-one with me in a friendly competition (no product endorsements) on a French stream? I forfeit any potential prizes for eating.

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    Tom Chandler’s opinions about Fly Fishing Team USA and competitive flyfishing reflect a bias which is largely basied on lack of knowledge. I understand and accept the fact that some fishermen may not be attracted to this side of the sport but his opinions about the motives of the industry and many organizations associated with the endeavor are out of step with the facts.
    Paul Prentiss, Chair National Fly Fishing Championship / Colorado Trout Unlimited